SLALOM – Orgatec news 2016

Workplace inspirations for a better feeling at work

Take a look inside our recent products we propose at Orgatec 2016 fair.

High soud adsorbent quality panel, it works on double-side.
Placed side by side it creates different volumes and shapes.
Available in all the standard SLALOM colors and fabrics.

Modular hexagonal felt shapes to merge together, each set contains 12 pieces of one color.
Matching colors and covering surface will create plenty of shapes.
Available in PETfelt.

Sound adsorbent tailored sitting filled with an high technology foam, designed not only for physical comfort but also for acoustic behaviour.

High sound adsorbent product, specifically designed to improve acoustic comfort during phone calls, especially in big and/or open spaces of work.
It can be acoustically perfected with ECOdesk panels to put on the inside.
Tailor made process allows customers to choose dimensions and finishing according to the requirements.